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Hi, my name is Simon Hedley.

Right now, I’d love to show you The Secrets of How to Get More FREE Clients from the Internet .. On Autopilot and get you started doing this today.

I’ve spent over a decade online, and in fact programmed my first computer when I was 8 years old, I then went on to have a career in modelling systems and businesses (and my first tip for you.. check out the facts on people, before you start to trust them here’s my bio at

I put up Web Tyrant initially as an experiment after working with a friend of mine James Lavers after I left banking, and then had great feedback, even more than I expected, with people flying in from Germany to our first workshop, major companies and groups talking to me about their strategy, and many friends around the world with interests in Online Marketing (or Internet Marketing or “IM”).


I also became very disillusioned with many of the IM super gurus, and seminars, who were saying one thing on stage, but in real life doing something very different. That didn’t sit right with me, Integrity is my highest value and whether it’s Tai Chi, my experience working with PwC as an ACA, or just one of those things, for me if you can help people you do.

I’ve met thousands of people wanting the next “tactic” or make money quick plan.. and I’m often asked for my advice. Friends who’d bought lots of courses and projects but not done anything, and I was clear the only way to make a massive impact and help lots more people get their businesses working was by sharing these “Secrets”. So I went back to the drawing board, audited, analysed and modelled (which was my background – auditing is cutting through all the smoke and mirrors to what is really going in). I also have other ideas that we’re constantly testing and checking which I may be able to share with you on the inside.

You’ll find a lot of is common sense, but as they say… common sense isn’t all that common in practice.

This isn’t about me or the big successes we’ve had, it’s about you and what you’re wanting to do, and showing you some simple practical tool, tips and steps you can take today to start getting more free clients from the internet.

  • BONUS TIP 1What’s your name? What would I google to find out about you? Do you own you’re name as a own domain name – that for me is one of the keys – get the Domain right and the rest is much easier. If you haven’t got your own profile page get one at
  • BONUS TIP 2Take advantage of the “Flow” – go with the feedback you’re getting from real world results, from customers.
  • BONUS TIP 3Be your own best customer and love what you do, if you don’t love your business, find another, or get a business coach or mentor to help you find your passion.
  • BONUS TIP 4Focus on getting that one first customer on autopilot, once you have that, it can be repeated and scaled. That first email saying “Congratulations you received an order” is priceless.
  • BONUS TIP 5You need to have a white hot hunger for desire and success. After all if you don’t want the results, and I help you get them, you still won’t be happy and satisfied.

With that said, wouldn’t you love to learn and master…

“The Secrets to How To Get More FREE Clients from the Internet … On Autopilot”

It’s worth saying again, that I’ve been using and testing this for years in my own business and with clients, covering everything from retail to events, investment banking, personal development, web design and fitness training, clients who’ve paid me up to £10,000 for an hour of my time.

You’ll be getting some great ideas, actions, blueprints and fundamentals that can double your business in a year if you apply them. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll confirm your email address, then send you access and also check how you’ve got on, and give you other tips and advice to make these methods supercharged.

If you’re not convinced to take action and register for The Web Tyrant Map, Web Tyrant Blueprint and much more, then see what what one of my VIP Platinum Clients had to say about working with me (it includes a bonus technique that’s worked for hundreds of years). and others who have worked with me

Speak soon.


Simon Hedley (

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Quick Recap and More Clarity


Information is useful, but you need the big picture, and that’s what the Web Tyrant Map will give you.

People are always talking about social media. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. But how do they make you £££$$$ and how do you plan for the next big thing…

On the left is a simplified version of the Web Tyrant Map, our specialist guide to getting more clients from the internet on autopilot.

You’ll also learn how to build a business, not a tactic.

We’ve been talking about “Evergreen” for years, and people are now catching on

Wouldn’t you like to benefit from over ten years and over £5m+ research? If you would register above now.

Here’s some feedback from people who’ve worked with me

Simon Hedley Web Domination Feedback
Simon Hedley Web Domination Feedback


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